Who We Are

LPS Partners,headquartered in New York City was founded in January of 2013 as an idea-driven firm focusing on long-term value creation and solid relationship building.

Through its subsidiaries, LPS Capital (member FINRA/SIPC/NFA) and LPS Futures (member NFA), LPS Partners is able to deliver comprehensive knowledge of the markets matched with a thorough understanding of client’s strategic needs. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of the companies and the industries they cover. This enables LPS Partners to facilitate timely and efficient execution of ideas and insights across an issuer’s financial capital structure, including bank loans, debt securities, post reorganization equities, special situation claims and listed and unlisted equities.Our clients include banks, broker-dealers, trading firms, hedge funds, family offices, insurance companies, refineries and airlines.

LPS Capital

LPS Capital (member FINRA/SIPC/NFA) is a full-service, boutique Broker Dealer (BrokerCheck) headquartered in New York City with offices in Garden City, Long Island and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The Firm offers a wide range of research, sales and execution services in investment grade bonds, convertible bonds, high yield bonds, preferred stock, equities, post-bankruptcy reorganized equities, mortgages, bank loans, as well as distressed and special situation securities.

With a focus on adding value to our customers every day, our sales and trading professionals provide comprehensive knowledge of the companies and industries in our focus sectors to facilitate efficient execution.

The firm prides itself on creating liquidity and presenting a unique and differentiated view to make informed decisions in the over-the-counter market.

Lone Peak Capital

Lone Peak Capital, a joint venture between LPS Partners and Cedar Glade Capital, actively works with clients to value and monetize illiquid assets such as bankruptcy claims, insurance recoveries, class action settlements and legal judgements.

Trade claims provide a unique opportunity set for distressed investors who understand the bankruptcy process, are familiar with analyzing complicated capital structures and understand inter-creditor issues. While trade claims are an illiquid market, they are also highly uncorrelated to the stock and equity markets making them attractive to distressed and special situation funds.

Peak Capital

LPS Futures

LPS Futures LLC is a registered member of the National Futures Association (NFA) as an Independent Introducing Broker with offices in New York City and Garden City, Long Island.

As an Independent IB, LPS has the ability to introduce any customers’ clearing needs to any of the major Clearing Firms.

LPS Futures specializes in energy swaps, options, spreads, futures and structured products, providing fundamental and technical analysis to assist customers in the structuring and timing of trades.

LPS Futures executes on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the Intercontinental Commodity Exchange (ICE), ICE Europe and NASDAQ on behalf of producers, banks, hedge funds, pipelines, end users and market makers.

LPS Capital

Saco Capital

Saco Capital empowers financial managers, institutions and family offices with outsourced trading capabilities in all asset classes. Led by Patrick McDonald, his expertise brings nineteen years of multi asset buy-side experience both domestically and internationally, including Partner and Head of Global trading at Eton Park Capital Management. The firm offers a focused boutique solution and environment to each client helping them to facilitate trading, commission management, and oversight of all sell side relationships. The firm’s strategic partnership with LPS Capital further extends the offerings with a fixed income and commodity platform allowing Saco Capital to execute, monitor and work investments across the entire capital structure.

Saco Capital


LPSFX LLC is a registered member of the National Futures Association (NFA) as an Independent Introducing Broker based in New York, NY.

LPSFX is live in OTC FX Options leveraging our STREAM platform technology for pricing and click-to-trade CLOB and Dark Pool execution via the GUI or FIX API. With over 16 years of FX Options trading and brokering experience, LPSFX has a team of seasoned hybrid brokers to introduce a trading platform to the Inter-Dealer market that provides real-time brokerage discounts, increased transparency, and unparalleled workflow automation in a trader’s daily execution of FX Options.

LPSFX also offers voice brokering services in FX Forwards and NDFs. Both products will be available on the STREAM platform in 2022.