Payment for Order Flow Policy

LPS Capital LLC (“LPSC”) is required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to disclose to new customers, and annually to all customers, its policies regarding the practice of receiving “payment for order flow.” The SEC generally defines “payment for order flow” to include any cash or non-cash compensation received by a broker or dealer from another broker or dealer, national securities exchange, registered securities association, or exchange member in return for sending customer orders to such entities for execution.

In order to obtain best execution, LPSC routes client orders to national securities exchanges, alternative trading systems (ATSs), broker-dealers and other market centers. LPSC may receive compensation or other consideration for routing orders to particular broker-dealers or market centers for execution. This does not impact LPSC’s policy to route customer orders where it determines it will receive best execution based on number of factors such as liquidity, price improvement, quality and speed of execution.

If you would like additional information regarding LPSC’s Payment for Order Flow Policy please contact your sales representative or the Compliance Department at

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